An e-commerce solution adds a 24/7 revenue source so you never have to turn a customer away. Whether you are taking time off for a vacation or focusing on family or friends, the right automated system will continue to generate sales. Customers can make payments through many secure gateways which can process payments from PayPal and major credit cards. This means that your clients can make payments with a process they trust. Automating the sales process allows for easy and simple processing of orders with prompt secure payment.

Online Stores

We take care of all the technical steps needed to set up your store so you can focus on what you do best. Once the web development and programing is completed you will have access to powerful, user-friendly tools that highlight and promote products and services in a professional way. Customers will be able to fully customize their orders based on the options you feel are important to make a profitable sale. Product listings provide a number of functionalities to adjust attributes like item size and color or any other custom factors needed.

With the right system in place, you will have the tools to automate many of the processes associated with shipping. BailRic provides custom platforms that calculate shipping based on location, size and any other factors of concern.

Subscription Services

With BailRic subscription-based solutions, you can now run your own site with restricted access for members only. This is a great option for exclusive groups or providing custom content to those willing to pay for it. We give you the freedom to manage the site yourself with the option for continued support from the BailRic team to help mediate and manage the content you provide. Subscription based solutions can be used for group membership payments, access to restricted content, monthly product subscription sites and access to digital content including audio, images, video, ebooks and any other downloadable digital content.

Payment Methods

In addition to selling anything online, your customers will have a full range of payment options including major credit cards, PayPal, and e-transfers. By providing the same professional and secure payment options as big companies, your customers will have the confidence to purchase directly from you.

The Services

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